Changing fate

Changing fate
Changing fate

Changing fate novomatic

Changing fate game that has a greek theme will show you great power. Beware of the arrival of this unknown knight. Novomatic makes a fun game with a cool greek theme with great symbols too. Let’s turn your luck into a great and rich winner.

Use this game that has 5 reels to make you rich. You don’t have to worry about winning the game. Use 20 wins to be able to make you win easily. Use your coin bet which can start from a small value of forty coins bet.

Available symbols

Costabigfish – Each symbol has a different value and number to be able to win the gamer must succeed in collecting similar symbols or combinations. To make a win, gamers can form values ​​from left to right. Starting from left and right will make any symbol can give you coins.

The symbols available for gamers in game changing fate are: greek men, eyes, shields, helmets, knives, snakes, crystals, and remy card marks A, K, Q, J, and 10. To find out the value of the symbols gamers can look in game info. With game info it will benefit gamers and make it easy to win quickly.

strong crystals
power eyes//strong crystals

The values ​​available are:

– Greek men 3, 4, and 5 = 40, 160, and 500

– Eye gaze becomes wild which can replace all symbols except scatter.

– Crystal is a scatter mark. Scatter that can give a lot of free spins as much as 50. To be able to activate it, gamers can get 4 to 15 crystals. While still in free spin gamers will get 1 symbol that has been randomly selected by the game changing fate.

– Snakes 3, 4, and 5 = 40, 100 and 300

– Shield and helmet both symbols that have the same value on symbols 3, 4, and 5 = 20, 60, and 160

– A and K 2 signs that have the same value 3, 4, and 5 = 8, 40, and 100

– Q, J, and 10 3, 4, and 5 = 4, 20, and 80

For the wild symbol comes from the eye. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter. The highest symbol value in the game changing fate is the Greek male symbol. Successfully getting 5 of the same symbols or combinations will provide high scores for gamers. This game that uses real money will bring us to an exciting victory.

Easy game play without the hassle

To be able to win the game, gamers can use some unexpected steps to win the game. You can start from a small bet of five hundred coins to a big bet of eight thousand coins that gamers can take home. No need to be confused to play the game changing fate through an online gambling site that you trust or it can be through a browser.

No need to download games anymore. very easy and uncomplicated. For those who like to play using cellphones, they can also play the game changing fate. No need to download only with internet and the name of the site that can enter the cellphone. Online games that also provide automatic game play also on changing fate. Want to win bets that more gamers can play the gamble available on the game screen. A bet that makes gamers use luck to win.