fortune fishing
fortune fishing


Let’s prepare a fishing rod and some bait that can be used to catch fish. Also provide a boat and sunscreen so you can go out to sea to fish and get lots of fish. The new Fortune fishing game has just arrived from novomatic. An exciting game that has a jetty beach background.

The game theme with a pier beach nuance has a beautiful and sexy fisherman. Who is not attracted to a beautiful angler and good luck? With the presence of this woman, fish can be easily caught and provide unexpected value. Not only beautiful women who can give a lot of luck.

Chance to win with game luck

Costabigfish – There are still boats ready to take us to places where there are lots of fish for us to fish. Boats are the most important means of fishing. Because we will be invited to go to a place where there are lots of fish and can catch others such as sea crabs. With the ship gives many opportunities to win.

To get a game win you have to pray because the fortune fishing game relies on luck. This type of game that has 5 reels has various symbols that give the game victory value. To be able to win you can use several steps. 10 steps that can be used to win in the fortune fishing game.

the type of fish that gives value//fishing

Game value symbols, wild and scatter

Fortune fishing game gives winning combinations so gamers get a chance to win. To find out the symbol value you can press the info button. In the info you will get many types of symbols and the value of each symbol of the fortune fishing game. The symbols that you can find in the fortune fishing game are: a woman carrying a fishing net, there are red, purple, yellow, green and blue fish, crabs, seagulls, ships, buoys, bait tools and remy card symbols A, K, Q , J, 10 and 9.

The woman who carries the fishing net is a wild. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter and bonus game. As for the scatter, it comes from the ship’s motif. If you get the same number of scatters, free spins will appear. Ships totaling 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the same symbol receive 3, 12, 15 and 20 free spins.

Chance to win the game

To have a good value can be with fish that have different colors. The appearance of the woman carrying the net and there are several fish that are present, you will automatically get the winning coins. You can get more if you succeed in fishing for yellow fish, then you will get a lot of coins. Your gamers will get a lot of wins if they manage to get more ships.

The more ships, the greater the chance for gamers to win the fortune fishing game. During free spins, if gamers get the same number of scatters, they will get additional free spins again. If gamers feel tired, pressing the button can press the automatic button.

Games that are played automatically

The automatic button will help gamers directly so that gamers don’t need to press the start or spin button. The game screen will rotate by itself and make every symbol that spins will give you a win.

Spinning automatically gives gamers a lot of convenience. So gamers are just waiting to get the game win. the total free spins obtained on fortune fishing are 20 free spins.