Lord of the ocean

Lord of the ocean
Lord of the ocean

Lord of the ocean novomatic

Lord of the ocean novomatic game which has a fun and beautiful game theme. If you want to see the contents in the sea, gamers don’t need to go far or dive deep. Because this game has been equipped with various types of symbols that are fun and also tense. An online game that has an exciting water play theme with mermaids.

The form of the lord of the ocean is very unique because there will be a sea king, mermaid, mermaid and several other sea inhabitants who will give you victory. Playing with the main character gives exciting results as well as the best paying symbols. Because under the sea you will meet the great Poseidon.

Great sea king

Costabigfish – The form of an amazing story is carried away in the vast and beautiful ocean. 5 reels on and 3 lines will invite you to play and bring game wins with a pay value of 10 kinds of payments that will be obtained. High game level will give you a lot of high coin value too. It’s really lucky and fun, not only the victory you get but you can also enjoy the beautiful sea and free spins in the game.

It’s not just the god of the sea who is the greatest power, there are other powers that are in quasi, namely earthquakes, storms, and seahorses. The stout body shape of the sea king leads the sea fairly. Has a great stick trident. Getting paid symbols you can start from left to right with the same symbol.

beautiful sea
chance to win free spins//beautiful sea

Game symbol

If you want to win, you have to be able to get lots of symbols and match the symbols. Not all sea dwellers enter the game. But there are certain symbols ready to give you value starting from: sea king, mermaid, treasure, statue, Poseidon, shield wheel, and don’t forget the cards [ A, K, Q, j, and 10 ]. Of those mentioned, the highest value is on Poseidon, treasures, statues, and mermaids.

Get very high scores by getting Poseidon in all columns of the screen. Will make you win on all sides in 10 game lines. The shield wheel goes wild and scatters. wild which replaces all symbols. 3 Scatter will also help you get free spins. Successfully presenting 5 shield wheels gets high coins for gamers.

Play and get free spins

The endless fun of playing games makes you forget the time. When getting the same shield wheel will show which symbol will give value during the free spins. The more symbols specified by the shield appear, the closer the chance to win and get paid.

Let’s join to play in the game lord of the ocean. Feel the exciting victory with unique symbols and the beautiful sea atmosphere will invite you to swim in seeing the relics from the Greek era. Want to play but find it difficult because you are far away and don’t have a big computer, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Because lord of the ocean can be played using a cellphone. A system that makes it easy for you to play whenever and wherever you are. To play, you don’t need to download anymore, you just have to go to the website, you can enter the game. No hassle and fast entry process.